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JCL Hotel is an application that helps you manage all of the information generated by a vacation rental, hostel, motel, or small to medium-sized hotel. That includes reservations, stays, rooms, clients, guests, services, fees, expenses, and all kinds of other stuff - all accessed quickly and easily.

The application has different functions that will make your job a lot easier. For example, it includes an interactive visual planner to keep track of the occupancy of your establishment's rooms, so you can manage everything with just a few clicks.

You can also keep track of your current guests, advance reservations, check-ins and check-outs, employees, guests... everything is available with plenty of optional data fields that you can fill out according to the interests and requirements of the establishment.

Similarly, you can keep track of rooms and guests, control your fees and rates, and change anything according to seasons and holidays.

JCL Hotel is a comprehensive hotel management tool, with features that are sure to be appreciated by anyone within the sector. The amount of available options and possibilities is truly impressive.

Only 20 reservations and 20 rooms.

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